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About company

For over 30 years we have been developing, testing, producing and successfully supplying honey products to the Russian and foreign markets

More than 30 years on the Russian market

LLC NC ``Propolis``

For more than 30 years, the Propolis Research and Production Center has been developing, testing, producing and successfully supplying to the Russian and foreign markets products that are unique in their healing composition based on the legendary Bashkir honey, propolis, wax, royal jelly, pollen and herbal extracts for rejuvenation of the face, body and the whole organism.

Harmony and health without drugs

Company's mission

The mission of Propolis, formulated by its founder Albert Bakirov, is to return humanity to comprehesion of yourself in the world and the world in yourself, to healing without drugs, beauty of the soul and body, the joy of being in harmony with Nature.

The main activity of the SPC ``Propolis``

The main direction is the production and promotion of natural cosmetics and medicinal food products on the Russian market.

Product uniqueness

Honey products ``Ave Apis`` have truly miraculous properties that grant beauty, health and longevity.

30 years in the service of health

Since 1989, the enterprise has been carrying out a full cycle of development, implementation of new technologies and innovative ideas in the field of beekeeping.

Grateful clients

Every day more than 50,000 people consume the products of beekeeping ``Ave Apis`` and use our cosmetic products.

Eco-friendly products

100% natural healthy product based on the legendary Bashkir honey for face, body and organism rejuvenation.

Proper nutrition and a healthylifestyle

Unique technologies

Unique technologies for the production of high-quality products based on the famous Bashkir honey, propolis, wax, bee bread, royal jelly, introduced by the specialists of Propolis in the early 90s, altered the usual ideas about proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

The personification of the purity and intelligence of Nature

«Ave Apis!»

Albert Bakirov chose the bee as the symbol of the NGO ``Propolis`` - purity and intelligence of Nature itself.
Brand ``Ave Apis!`` is a guarantee of naturalness of products, their absolute ecological purity and undoubted health benefits.

Founder of the Company

Bakirov Albert Abdulkhakovich

The year of foundation of LLC NC ``Propolis`` - 1989

History of the creation of the Company

In Ufa, 1989, in the capital of the honey land, Albert Bakirov, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, created a cooperative society and called it ``Propolis``, since he considered this beekeeping product to be the most valuable natural therapeutic and prophylactic agent. Bakirov created all his honey recipes using a scientific basis, taking into consideration the experience of traditional medicine from honey, propolis, royal jelly, flower pollen, beeswax, extracts of medicinal plants.
The entrepreneur and scientist has developed and implemented unique technologies for the production of high-quality medicinal and cosmetic products based on seven natural wonders: honey, propolis, pollen, royal jelly, bee venom, beeswax and mummy. Beauty from the heart of plants, healing without drugs, human development in harmony with Mother Nature - these ideas of Albert Abdulkhakovich Bakirov were embodied in his original recipes.
Strength from the heart of a flower, vigor from medicinal herbs, cleansing and healing the body by what nature gives - these ideas of Albert Bakirov were embodied in original recipes.

“Healing products of the future “ – this is what Albert Abdulkhakovich called it and he was right. This loud statement was not accidental. The key word in it is to heal. This is exactly the goal – to work for people – set back in 1989 by one of the first entrepreneurs in Bashkiria, Albert Bakirov.

A former military man who was involved in atomic projects, he lost many friends to the radiation. Having learned that propolis can protect and cure people from such diseases, he created a cooperative of the same name, which quickly became known throughout the country and the whole world.


year of foundation


years on the world market


and more awards and medals


The company's strategy is based on priorities

legality of production


✓ We enter the register of organizations and persons of the Russian Federation engaged in the production, processing (or) storage of controlled goods moved from the territory of one state - a member of the Customs Union to the territory of another state - a member of the Customs Union
✓ Member of the CCI
✓ Participation in the Project Product of Bashkortostan
✓ Participation in REC

author's own recipes


✓ Author's recipe and our own production
✓ Products of the brands ``Ave Apis`` and ``NaturaBashkiria`` are made by hand at our own factory in the Republic of Bashkortostan
✓ in the manufacture of cosmetics, natural ingredients of plant origin are used
✓ own developments and own production
✓ Our own trademarks ``AveApis`` and ``NaturaBashkiria``
✓ We value the image of our company and produce only high-quality products.

Wide geography of supplies


Guided by the desire to contribute to the process of improving the health of the inhabitants of Russia, we use every opportunity to make our products available to the general population.

many years of experience


✓ we have been growing and developing for 30 years
✓ we follow the proven path and minimize risks
✓ we keep promises.

improving work efficiency


✓ striving for improve operational efficiencies
✓ willingness to share our experience
✓ openness for contacting

natural healthy products

Care of people

We have devoted ourselves to caring of people, creating preventive, healing products, organizing events for the full restoration of health.
Beekeeping products cannot harm or cause undesirable health effects. Regular use of honey products leads to a rapid improvement in well-being, increased efficiency, vigor.

guide to world experience


✓ we implement our plans 100%
✓ we clearly define the goal before acting.
✓ we focus on international experience.

loyalty to the company


We are proud of what we do and are dedicated to our company!

LLC SPC ``Propolis``


If you have any questions you can contact us. We always help!


+7 (347) 284-52-77

450055, Republic of Bashkortostan, Ufa, October avenue, 144/1