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Brand history

The bee is a symbol of the fertility of the Bashkir flower fields! And one of the key symbols of the Republic of Bashkortostan!

invaluable work of the bee

Natural Bashkir honey

In the pure and natural past of our planet, healing herbs were bathed in fresh moisture, the air was filled with the scent of flowers that bees worked on.

Take a look at the globe

Here it is a globe of the earth,

On it Bashkiria

With a birch leaf the size of …

Let on the globe you seem to be a leaf,

Hot wind blown in.

My Bashkiria! Your son is simple

I am delighted with your beauty.

M. Karim


Bashkir honey
Honey edge

Bashkortostan is a honey land!

Our Bashkir land is rich. The region of Bashkortostan has long been famous for the beauty of nature. Endless steppes give way to dense forests. Rivers, streams and lakes spill over against the backdrop of blue mountain ranges. The flora and fauna amaze with richness and diversity. The nature of Bashkortostan is famous far beyond the borders of the republic. But the most important wealth is Bashkir honey. Bashkir honey is one of the best not only in Russia, but also in the whole world. This is generally recognized, because it is not for nothing that it has been awarded with many international medals and prizes for its healing and taste qualities. Linden honey became famous as a legendary Bashkir honey outside the republic. It is the lightest, most transparent and fragrant. It is worth trying a spoon - it feels like July has come, and a flowering linden grove smelled in your face.
Here, every piece of land has its own history, and nature is pure and pristine. And every person who finds himself in these parts has the opportunity to feel its real spirit, to “hear” from the first lips of the legend of old-timers - larch trees, whose age reaches 800 years.

We have something to surprise and delight our guests!

Bashkiria is the whole world!

Interest in these places only grows every year. Bashkiria is a whole world with its own unique features, with a clear internal division, with a rich and very, very ancient history, that is why they have sacred value in their eyes and many people have yet to get acquainted with this wonderful corner of the planet: to meet a picturesque sunrise , swim in the cleanest lakes, eat fresh fish and feel the energy of these places.
And the local area has something to surprise and delight guests!

Bashkir legend

The Bashkirs have such a fairy tale

One bortevik found a large hollow with bees in a huge tree. Trying to get honey from the bottom, he crawled inside the cavity, could not keep his weight and got stuck in honey up to his throat, he could not get out. He shouted for a long time, called for help, but no one heard him. For several days he ate only honey and was saved miraculously. The bear, greedy to honey, found a board and, too, carefully began to descend into the hollow. The peasant grabbed him by the hind legs, but he scared him thoroughly, and jumped out of a deep hole to fight.

That is why the Bashkirs say: “Whoever eats wild honey will be able to defeat the bear” .

Fairy tale
SPC LLC ``Propolis``

Natural propolis

Source of propolis

Where do we get propolis for our magical cosmetics?

There is a legend that once Aristotle decided to observe the vital activity of bees and made a glass hive for them. However, soon the walls of the hive were covered from the inside with a layer of dense, opaque, dark substance. Then the assumption arose that bees did not allow humans to penetrate the secrets of creating honey and other beekeeping products. Today it is clear that the bees simply laid propolis on the walls of the hive.
Propolis, or bee glue, is a resinous, odorous substance produced by bees. The name ``propolis`` comes from the Greek word meaning ``ahead of the city``: the point is that bees use propolis to regulate the width of the entrance to their hive city. Some scientists believe that propolis is obtained from the sticky substance of spring tree buds (birch, poplar, alder), which bees collect and modify with their enzymes. Others argue that propolis is obtained after bees digest pollen.
The first mentions of propolis are found in the Old Testament, Talmud, Koran. It is assumed that Noah built his ark by holding the parts together with bee glue. In ancient Egyptian papyri, propolis was prescribed to be used for mummification and for the preparation of healing ointments. Propolis was mentioned in the writings of Hippocrates and Aristotle. A piece of propolis was certainly carried with him by every Roman legionnaire, since it was believed that this substance heals puncture wounds from spears and arrows. In Europe, propolis gained popularity thanks to the French physician Ambroise Paré. The rooms were fumigated with pairs of fired propolis during epidemics, propolis was insisted on water and alcohol, used for lotions and in the form of plasters for inflammation.

Bashkir legend

The bee is a symbol of unity!

Albert Bakirov chose a bee as the symbol of the ``Ave Apis`` company - the embodiment of the purity and intelligence of Nature.
The trademark was registered back in 1995. Translated from Latin, the language of medicine sounds - ``Long live the Bee!`` Hello Bee! or ``Praise to the Bee!`` or ``Glory to the Bee!``
The very idea of the ``Ave Apis!`` - has an excellent reputation, and its very idea is a reminder that the Bee is a symbol of the unity of the inhabitants of the whole Earth!
The Ave Apis brand is a guarantee of naturalness of cosmetics, its absolute ecological purity!

Products are produced and packaged exclusively by hand! The manual production method preserves the natural strength of natural ingredients.

Products are 100% NATURAL, do not contain chemical components.

Praise to the bee!
LLC NC ``Propolis``


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