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Handmade honey soap!

A new direction of healing cosmetics “Ave Apis!” – honey soap – prepared with the addition of bee products and natural oils. This amazing soap, which looks like a cake, thanks to its excellent design and indescribable aroma, improves the well-being and mood of a person.

Honey is a proven storehouse of vitamins, minerals, useful trace elements that are so necessary for our body for centuries.

Adding propolis, wax, pollen, bee bread, royal jelly, mumiyo to different types of honey soaps helps to regenerate the skin at the cellular level and heal the whole body through the skin. The combination of natural oils with bee products and high-quality soap base SLS free SOAP-02 “Premium” is a guarantee of gentle cleansing, good hydration, deep nourishment of the face and body skin. Each type of honey soap not only prevents inflammation and rashes, but also fights cellulite at any stage, and also neutralizes the effect of poor-quality water. Daily washing with this amazing soap improves the overall tone, because our skin breathes, rejoices, smells sweet.

Honey compositions “Ave Apis!” have truly miraculous properties that give people beauty, health and longevity, as evidenced by both the opinions of experts and the reviews of grateful consumers, as well as state diplomas confirming the uniqueness and high quality of products.

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