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POETRY AND TRUTH OF BASHKIR HONEY. “As a gift from the gods of the wise and the spirits of intelligent Nature, Gentle plants and those light-winged creatures, What in common parlance we call bees, We get all the strength, and joy, and sweetness. It is called honey ... "

This is poetry. But the truth about Bashkir honey is no less poetic

In Ufa, the capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan, the Propolis association has been operating and developing for about 25 years, producing medicinal preparations based on the famous Bashkir honey and environmentally friendly beekeeping products - propolis, pollen, royal jelly, wax, each of which contains natural bio- and immunostimulants, antiseptics and antibiotics, which, unlike narrowly targeted medicines, heal specific diseases and strengthen the body as a whole.

Poetry of honey

The company ``Propolis`` produces healing and health products based on beekeeping products and is the sole owner of the ``AVE APIS`` trademark.


year of foundation


years on the world market


and more awards and medals

Together we contribute to the health of body and mind!

Association ``Propolis`` is open for any form of communication and all types of cooperation. We welcome like-minded people!

We are together!


If you are a beautician, try the products of the cosmetic line ``Ave Apis!`` and offer it to your customers - the result will meet all expectations!


Are you an apitherapist or are you just going to become one? We have something to talk about, share our knowledge and experience!


You are an experienced beekeeper, you know a lot about the healing power of beekeeping products, and is your apiary located in an ecologically clean area? We will buy from you honey, pollen, propolis, wax, royal jelly - in order to use modern technologies and recipes of traditional healers to create unique compositions.

The director of production is required to the company ``PROPOLIS``

Production director

Establishing an enterprise , leading a full cycle of development and production of health products based on beekeeping products, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences and Beekeeper-Researcher Albert Abdulkhakovich Bakirov called it “Propolis”, since propolis is a powerful medicine, the quintessence of all honey products. Combining the knowledge of traditional medicine with the achievements of modern science, A.A. Bakirov launched the production of unique, author’s compositions based on the famous Bashkir honey.

In an effort to promote the health of the inhabitants of Russia, we use every opportunity to preserve the works of A. A. Bakirov and make honey and propolis products available to everyone who wants to preserve their health and youth .

Do you have a university degree in technology or chemistry? Are you communicative, initiative and work-oriented in a stable company? Do you love producing and inventing new types of healing compositions? Do you value quality? You, the one who can really make and achieve our high standard production goals, organize the development and implementation of progressive technological processes of the products manufactured by the enterprise. Then update your resume and take part in the competitive selection for the vacancy “technologist or production director” .

YOU are a certified doctor and you want and know how to work with people?


Treat with what actually heals, not temporarily relieves symptoms of the disease! That is harmonious with the nature of the Human!

Do you know yourself what is the power of honey, propolis, pollen, royal jelly, and the bees themselves? What world secrets do these caring workers know?

With the growing interest in natural products of natural origin, beekeeping products are out of competition due to their unique characteristics.

If your goal is to help people live healthy and happy, you have a chance to distribute products that create the basis for full health and beauty in every family around the world. Our goal is to make the inhabitants of the world healthy. If your personal goal coincides with ours, you are the person we need.

Please send your resume.

Requires the Head of the Sales Department in the ``PROPOLIS`` company

Sales Manager

The PROPOLIS honey products are as unique as the Bashkir honey, which has no analogues on the continents of the Earth!

CAN YOU CREATE AND MANAGE A LARGE SALES? Do you have successful sales management experience and enjoy selling by yourself? Are you ready to lead the sales team and take responsibility for fulfilling the sales plan for the entire department? Then you can be our Sales Manager. We sell natural healing products and we need someone who can drive sales through our sellers and through our wholesale network. It’s not an easy job, but the person who does it will be rewarded. Submit your resume.

Sales managers are required for the ``PROPOLIS`` company

Sales managers

Honey and propolis products give people beauty and vigor, health and longevity, and the business associated with it brings success!

Due to the active development of our business, we employ employees who are of the “ diligent bees” type. These are young people who are trying to do more than expected of them. To do this, they spare no effort and fly from client to client spreading knowledge about the beneficial effects of honey products. If you consider SALES to be your calling, you are active, persistent, purposeful, able to show REAL WORK RESULTS and meet the following requirements:

From you:

  • active search and attraction of new clients;
  • effective promotion of goods in Bashkortostan and Russia
  • maintaining its own customer base, conducting presentations of honey products;
  • sales plan execution, reporting.
  • Ability to communicate. Ability to make connections. with people and to have to yourself, skills of conducting telephone conversations.
  • Purposefulness, honesty, ability to set goals and achieve them.
  • Self-confidence, assertiveness, focus on results.
  • Creativity, resistance to stress.
  • Love for honey and bee products, the ability to convey to the consumer information about the wonderful products produced by the company.
  • Supporter of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Purposefulness, the ability to set goals and achieve them.
  • Ability to make connections.
  • Readiness for new knowledge.
  • Increase your own income and the company’s income.

From us: .

  • interesting work in a reputable manufacturer of quality products based on the famous Bashkir honey and other gifts of bees;
  • Opportunities for career growth and participation in company events;
  • Demanding leaders.
  • Quite a lot of workload and strict requirement of the result!
  • Registration under the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, full legal business and the salary is all white. Full social / package;
  • Probationary period – 3 months
  • Salary for probationary period –8,000 rubles +% + bonus.
  • The salary after passing the probationary period is being revised.
  • The total income has no boundaries and depends on your volumes.

All resumes will be carefully reviewed and you are invited for an interview.

Looking forward to resume!


Looking for friendly salespeople capable of creating an unusually cozy atmosphere in the store


While the flowers are fragrant and the bees are working, people have hope for getting rid of ailments and active longevity.

In our store “Honey Paradise” you can find everything you need to maintain health and beauty.

Kind, natural, healing products based on honey – and you are a seller or a manager who knows how to work with grateful customers, and you want to join a team of professionals promoting unique health products.

Come and visit us! We guarantee decent work and pleasure from communication!

Requires a PR-manager in the ``PROPOLIS`` company

PR manager

Our team needs  professionals who will make our company widely known among people who care about their health. If you are interested in something new, and you are ready to look for more and more new ways to promote and implement PR ideas, then you have the opportunity to prove your ability to work and show high responsibility in our company by promoting an excellent product.
The work is not easy, it requires a lot of effort and the ability to simultaneously control many things.
If you are ready to work with full dedication, constantly learn, cope with difficulties, then we can work together! Each member of our team is trained to sell our product and does so when the group needs support. Each employee of our company is a Seller! And we are proud of that.

Your tasks will include:

  • Promotion of the company and its products in social networks.
  • Cooperation with mass media (magazines, newspapers, radio).
  • Writing and distributing articles and press releases on the Internet.
  • Creation and promotion of a corporate website.
  • Organization of presentations, exhibitions, webinars, master classes and mini-seminars.
  • Organization of internal games in the company (for employees and partners in other regions, conduct introductory seminars for new clients in cities).
  • Maintaining good PR about the organization among employees and the public, etc.
  • Participation in exhibitions.
  • Organization of PR events for the purpose of getting to know the company’s products.

Advertising manager is required for the ``PROPOLIS`` company

aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle and healing with the gifts of the great toiler - the Bee!

Advertising manager

He who loves honey is sick, ”says folk wisdom, and this is already the poetic truth and true poetry of Bashkir honey.

Although our wonderful product sells itself. And yet, we need an advertising manager who can convey information about the power of honey and honey compositions for everyone – an active man and a veteran, a young girl and an elderly lady, a nervous teenager and a baby! Candidates with experience in advertising or printing will be preferred. If you are inspired by this background, come to us .

The chief accountant is required in the company ``PROPOLIS``

Chief Accountant

If you like the systematic work with accounting, financial documentation and at the same time you have every penny in business and taken into account, then this position is for you. Our team needs an employee who is able to quickly process document flow and keep records in accordance with the legislation, taking into account the accepted standards of the company. Our company is only for legal accounting and business!

We invite a development director

Director of Development

Do you know that you can find new directions in the PRODUCTION of HONEY-PROPOLISM PRODUCTS? Have you started new INDUSTRIAL projects AND LEADED THEM TO FINANCIAL SUCCESS? ARE YOU A PERSON WHO WORKS WELL AND HELPS OTHERS TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL? DO YOU REALLY speak the language of business and industry? Great! Our team needs you!

We need a HR director

HR Director

You are collected, responsible, love to bring things to an end and expect the same from others. You enjoy working with people, you are used to being a good example for others. You will be responsible for building, expanding and managing our team of employees.


  • high motivation to achieve results combined with a positive attitude towards work.
  • knowledge of LRH technology (organizing scheme, spanking technology, etc.
  • excellent communication skills, competent speaking and writing;
  • at least 2 years of experience in a similar position


  • maintenance and up-to-date support of the organizing scheme of the company
  • creating hats (folders with instructions)
  • recruit staffing personnel
  • “spanking” staff
  • implementation of a KPI-based remuneration system
  • personnel control
  • inspections and checks
  • personnel ethics
  • collecting department statistics
  • Salary from 10,000, (linked to the company’s turnover)


LLC ``PROPOLIS`` announces a competition for the vacancy ``Specialist in training internal academy``

Training specialist

You have to constantly learn yourself and teach others the technologies of our company.
Be prepared to face obstacles along the way, such as resistance, disagreement, disinterest, lack of understanding, and low responsibility towards learning.
You are expected to have the people you train apply what you learn in practice. At the same time, it is important to have a great desire to learn and to help others learn!

You will have the following responsibilities:

  • training new employees
  • staff development;
  • scheduling the working hours.

Then YOU are the candidate we are looking for!

We are looking for a highly productive and organized person to manage the PROPOLIS company


You will be the key to the success of our company, and if you handle this work and the responsibility entrusted to you, you will be rewarded. You know how to negotiate and sell. You are productive yourself and know how to make sure that your subordinates produce. You are ready?

If yes, please send a resume with a list of your achievements.

If you have not found a position you are interested in in the list of our vacancies, but would like to cooperate with us – send your resume and offers of cooperation. We will contact you.

You love to work and you have a lot of energy. We can guarantee you an interesting job with great responsibility and creativity. After you prove your success and demonstrate commitment and consistently good results, we will make sure that you pass the required training course and received a competitive social package.

We don’t need:

  • unsure of their strengths, knowledge and skills;
  • losers, loners who cannot work in a team;
  • those who think they can combine cooperation with personal interests (other work, their own projects, etc.);
  • nerds and whiners with low self-esteem.

We absolutely need people who have:

  • increased activity and efficiency;
  • a sense of responsibility, determination, persistence and persuasiveness.
  • great sense of humor;
  • high motivation to achieve results combined with a positive attitude towards work.

Working conditions:

  • Interesting work in a reputable manufacturer of quality products based on the famous Bashkir honey and other gifts of bees;
  • Attractive income level associated with your achievements.
  • Quite a lot of workload and strict requirement of the result!
  • Opportunities for career growth and participation in company events
  • Demanding leaders.
  • Compliance with all norms of the Labor Code.
  • Registration in accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, full legal business and the salary is all white, full social package (paid vacation, sick leave).
  • The work schedule is standard (from 9 to 18), but sometimes delays at work and going to work on weekends (within reasonable limits) are possible.
  • Corporate education and training,
  • trial period from 2 weeks to 3 months;
  • Salary on probationary period –7,000 rubles +% + bonus.
  • The salary after passing the probationary period is being revised.
  • Stable “white” income from the first day of work. The total income has no limits and depends on your volume.
vacancies of LLC NC ``Propolis``

Fill in the form

If you want to work in our Company, please fill out the form or contact us in any way convenient for you.


+7 (347) 284-52-77

450055, Republic of Bashkortostan, Ufa, October avenue, 144/1