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Natural cosmetic

A series of natural healing cosmetics “Ave Аpis”, for 30 years, has an impeccable reputation in the market of honey products with an unsurpassed therapeutic and prophylactic effect, created by the founder of the company Bakirov Albert Abdulkhakovich.

And all the cosmetics under the brand “Ave Apis” have received the persistent name of “ edible cosmetics ” among consumers.

Honey-propolis soap with cocoa butter, olive oil, wax and pollen

Under the leadership of A.A. Bakirov our scientists and specialists – cosmetologists managed to realize in cosmetics the idea of ​​combining the seven most biologically active products of beekeeping, and to obtain cosmetic products with the highest health-improving efficiency, which have no analogues in the world.

In an effort to promote the health of the inhabitants of Russia, we use every opportunity to preserve the work of A. A. Bakirov and make honey and propolis products available to everyone who wants to preserve their health and youth.

We are happy to give you detailed and understandable information, thanks to which the healing cosmetics “Ave Apis” are able to restore youthfulness and elasticity to tired skin, protect it from premature aging and prolong the time of your beauty.

In addition, we will tell you, thanks to which components the biologically active substances contained in our cosmetics, absorbed through the skin, will certainly have a general beneficial effect on your body as a whole.

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